Good Sorts: The man with the blessed macrocarpa

Mon, May 29

Al Fone is a follower of Jesus, and much like the heavenly carpenter himself, he works with wood and delivers blessings to people's homes.

In a secret location down in Christchurch, Al prays about everything - including the firewood he harvests and gives away.

"I was praying one night and I said 'okay Lord, let’s talk about firewood'," he told 1News.

"Whoever gets this [firewood] gets the full blessing of the Lord, and we can go away happy."

Since that fateful chat with God, Al has now delivered free firewood to those who need it for 22 years.

The wood Al chops up is donated to him, but there's little fanfare - it just shows up.

"We don’t have any income, we have no grants, we don’t apply for grants, we just pray and stuff comes," he said.

Akin to the Lord, he's also got disciples around him: a bunch of men from churches around Christchurch who also love putting their mitts on pieces of macrocarpa.

Together, they rev up the wood splitter and fill their trailer to the brim - with coffee breaks and chats about the rugby sprinkled in, of course.

Soon enough, the wood gets dropped off and Al's back to chopping the next batch - not before he blesses the macrocarpa one more time.

"There are so many people out there that suffer and I want to make a difference."

Watch the full story in the video above.


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