Nearly 1600 Dutch climate protesters arrested for blocking road

Mon, May 29
Dutch police at the protest.

Dutch police have arrested 1587 climate change protesters for blocking a motorway in The Hague.

Most of them won't be charged, the country's Public Prosecution Service said, as they generally behaved peacefully.

However, 48 people face charges for offences including vandalism, and one person allegedly bit an officer while resisting arrest.

"Hundreds of police officers were deployed to maintain public order," Dutch police said in a statement. "The police immediately and several times asked the activists to end their action and leave, vulnerable people were actively urged to leave.

"Activists who did not leave and remained seated were made wet by the water thrower.

"The police have always given the activists the opportunity to end their action and leave. The activists who failed to do so were arrested."

A water cannon being used at the protest.

Ten minors were among the detained activists.

The BBC reports the protesters were from Extinction Rebellion. The group said at least 6000 activists were there in total.

Dutch police said it was the seventh time the Utrechtsebaan (A12) has been blocked.


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