Taika and Rita reveal 'great love story' as pair nab Vogue cover

Wed, May 31
Taika and Rita at Met Gala.

Kiwi director Taika Waititi and his Kosovo-born British singer wife Rita Ora have revealed details of their "great love story" in the latest issue of Vogue magazine.

The celebrity couple have been notoriously secretive about their relationship, even dodging confirmation they had wed after their nuptials last year.

Waititi and Ora graced the cover of Australian Vogue Magazine's June 2023 issue.

Inside its pages they give a wide ranging interview ahead of the release of Ora's new album You & I and Waititi's new film Next Goal Wins.

The couple said the relationship comes easy to them as they are best friends.

"We've been friends for so long. Not a lot's changed," Ora said.

"That's a big, big part of what works is that we were friends for three years before we decided to ruin it," Waititi joked.

Waititi added that Ora's work ethic has "inspired" him since they have been together.

"I've worked for 20 years without a holiday. For me it's inspiring to see someone who is working and motivated, who reflects a lot of how I feel about work and my place in the industry and is very open and honest about things that she's been through with being an artist," he said.

"It's helped me open up about it, too, because I'm like, 'oh man, I've gotta remain invincible and I can't break'. I've got all these expectations from New Zealand and my community in New Zealand and what I'm doing. And suddenly realising that it's okay to be a little bit more vulnerable around your work, and that your work can actually get better around that.

"That's the big thing I've taken away from being in Rita's presence."

Ora also opened up about how married life has been treating the high-profile couple so far.

"It feels safe, that’s what I like. And that’s my favourite word. I think in life you just want to feel comfortable and you want to feel safe with what it is that you’re doing, and you have someone that uplifts you and makes you the best version of yourself. That is all you can ask for. It feels calm, it feels safe, and it feels great."

Ora's album You & I comes out on July 14, while Waititi's film Next Goal wins hits Kiwi cinemas on December 7.


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