Tinetti insists she can be trusted ahead of investigation

Wed, May 31

Education Minister Jan Tinetti insists she can be trusted ahead of an investigation into her handling of an error.

1News understands the high-powered Privileges Committee will meet tomorrow morning to look into the incident.

It comes after Tinetti told Parliament in February that she had no responsibility for the release of school attendance data.

Her staff told her later that, actually, she did.

But instead of correcting the claim that day, as is common practice, Tinetti waited months — and even then only did so after prompting from Speaker Adrian Rurawhe. That's led to serious allegations that she misled the House.

Asked if he still had confidence in Tinetti, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins replied: "Yes, I do.

"She has dedicated her whole life to the cause of New Zealand's public education system.

"I think she is going to be a great Minister of Education."

Tinetti, who used to be a school principal, agreed that Hipkins "can absolutely" have confidence in her.

However, National Party leader Christopher Luxon has argued that there are "behavioural challenges" in the Labour Party.

"We've gone through a number of ministers, we've got a lot of ministers not following Cabinet manuals," he said.

The Privileges Committee, made up of senior MPs, is expected to meet tomorrow at 11.45am to consider the case.

It could hear evidence as early as next week.


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