Dad thanks digger driver who helped rescue family after accident

Paula suffered a serious head injury after the quad bike she and her family were on veered down a steep bank,

A dad who was involved in a quad bike accident with his family has thanked the digger driver and emergency services who helped with their rescue.

John McLean, his wife Paula and their two children were on their way to Saturday morning football when the quad bike they were on left the road in Auckland's Whangateau.

The family are facing an "uncertain" time ahead after falling down a steep muddy bank.

Paula needed to be extracted by a winch from a height of around 60 metres.

She was flown to Auckland City Hospital in a serious condition.

The quad bike travelled 60m down the muddy bank.

The mum-of-two suffered a significant head injury and remains stable, however doctors have since indicated her recovery will take some time.

The two girls and their father were not seriously injured.

John says he's extremely grateful to local fire, police and ambulance services who responded.

He also had special thanks for a nearby digger driver who heard the crash and rushed to the scene.

"A heartfelt thank you goes to a local family who have gone above and beyond."

Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust used a winch to pull Paula to safety.

He said their love, generosity and support "means the world".

"The road ahead is uncertain, but the number of people in our local community who have dropped everything to support us during this traumatic time has been incredible," John said.

"I am blown away by the support we've received."

He is now 100 per cent focused on the recovery and healing of his daughters and Paula.

Almost $30,000 has been raised to help the family with medical costs.


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