4 teens arrested after string of Waikato burglaries

Sat, Jun 3
"These arrests reflect the hard work Waikato Police are putting in to respond to ram raids and burglaries," Inspector Willie Cuthers said.

Four teenagers have been arrested following a string of burglaries in Thames, Patetonga and Tahuna early this morning.

The first burglary occurred after a stolen vehicle was used to gain entry to a commercial premises on Pollen St, in Thames, around 2.35am, Inspector Willie Cuthers said.

It was followed by a second burglary at a service station in Patetonga around 3.25am.

A third burglary occurred at another service station in Tahuna several minutes later.

"A vehicle was not used to gain entry to these premises," Cuthers said.

The vehicle the group were travelling in was spotted "acting suspiciously near a commercial premises in Morrinsville".

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver fled towards Hamilton.

Cuthers said the vehicle was "pursued for a short time" but the chase "was abandoned once the registration of the vehicle had been obtained".

After being followed "at a distance", the vehicle was spiked and came to a stop at the intersection of Naylor St and Fox St, in Hamilton, where the four teenagers were arrested.

The group, aged between 15 and 17, are due to appear in the Hamilton Youth Court today on charges of burglary and unlawful taking.

"We acknowledge the concern these incidents cause to business owners and to the wider community and reiterate our commitment to holding these offenders accountable," he said.

"We will not tolerate this behaviour in our community and will continue to work hard to ensure our community can be safe and feel safe."