Armageddon Expo kicks off in Auckland – AI off the invite list

The latest Armageddon Expo in Auckland has begun, a utopia for geeks and gamers across Aotearoa (this reporter among them).

But it has also taken steps to protect local creators and artists who are having to deal with the widespread use of Artificial Intelligence for creative projects.

In short, AI-created art is banned.

The organiser, Bill Geradts, said technology was opening up exciting opportunities, pointing out different artists as he showed 1News around.

“Here's a guy here doing 3D printed dragons. There's also digital printing, digital creation,” he said.

“AI is creeping into that as well,” he added.

“You have to draw the line. Otherwise, you'll turn up, and you'll have someone typing random words into a computer and it spitting out an image and saying, ‘that is art’ - which it is - just not the same as someone spending a day designing a character and creating it.”

Watch the 1News report from day one of the expo above - 1News also sent reporter Logan Church into the horror maze because he hates horror mazes... and it was hilarious.


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