ACT Party makes big election promise to slash govt red tape

Sun, Jun 4

The ACT Party is promising to slash red tape if the party forms a coalition with National.

Party leader David Seymour made the announcement while addressing a rally of party faithful in Auckland today.

The new government ministry would be formed with the promise of cutting excess regulation in all other ministries.

"This will be the first time anyone in government's keeping an eye on red tape," Seymour said.

"Right now, everyone's red tape - no one has the job of watching it. I think that's a pretty good investment.

"We can do it by taking the people that are currently failing to do the job and putting them in a more concentrated and focused role."

He also criticised the Government over the cost of living woes, the rise in crime, and co-governance.

While for years the party had had just one MP in Parliament, ACT has seen a rapid rise in popularity among voters. ACT now has 10 MPs after the last election.

"Going by the present polls they’re roughly around 11-12% which is potentially a big improvement on their last election result of 7.6%, which again is a big improvement on the previous one," political commentator Grant Duncan said.

While the rapid rise may come as a shock to many, recent polls show ACT might now have the power to form a coalition government with National.

"Our message to National is this time's different. We can’t get in having criticised Labour and just keep all their policies," Seymour said.

"ACT won't take the positions in government if we're not gonna deliver real change."


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