Shelly Bay warehouse fire being treated as ‘suspicious’

Thu, Jun 8

Yesterday morning’s warehouse fire at Shelly Bay in Wellington is being treated as ‘suspicious’ by police.

Fire crews battled the huge blaze in the early hours of the morning after a derelict warehouse went up in flames.

Because of the building’s age, an asbestos warning was issued, and a marine exclusion zone was established - forcing residents to close their windows and doors.

This morning, police are continuing their investigation of Shelly Bay Road scene, saying it's being treated as “suspicious”.

In a statement, police said the building was empty at the time of the fire, with power not connected.

“At this time, the cause of the fire cannot be determined due to the damage the building suffered.

“It is being treated as suspicious because the building was unoccupied when the fire broke out, and power was not connected,” a spokesperson said.

Shelly Bay Road remains closed, and police are advising the public to avoid the area.

“Anyone with information that could assist with the Police investigation is encouraged to contact us via our 105.”


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