NZ oat milk creates 93% less emissions than dairy - report

Thu, Feb 2

Oat milk in New Zealand creates 93% less emissions than dairy milk, according to a new report.

The research, which was commissioned by Boring Oat Milk and The Agricultural and Marketing Research and Development Trust, was created to gather data on the impact of oat farming in the New Zealand, as most data currently used is from international studies.

The study found that oat farming releases 7% of the greenhouse gases emitted by dairy farming per litre of milk and that land use for farming oats is more efficient, with oats using 70% less land than dairy to produce a litre.

Speaking to Breakfast this morning, Boring Oat Milk owner Morgan Maw said the green house emissions of producing oat milk are "just so much less".

"Oats are really good for soaking up nitrate so really good when you've got a dairy farm that's you know heavy in nitrates, leaching into waterways, you plant oats on there and many dairy farmers do this already and they help soak that up."

She said the dairy industry is twice as profitable as oats which is why a lot of dairy farmers won't "convert".

"As much as we'd like to say to farmers convert as much of your land to oats as possible, the commercials just don't stack up and so we're here to sort of open up that conversation of you know at what point do we put planet before profit."

Maw said if people are looking to make the witch from dairy to oat milk, it doesn't have to be either or, it can be part of a flexible diet.

"It's just adding it in as and when you like it, you know oat milk pairs really well with coffee, that's why Boring has done so well here in New Zealand.

"Oat milk is inoffensive, it's creamy, it's yummy, just give it a go you know it's really delicious and pairs well."

Maw says the data solidified what they already knew, that farming oats is more environmentally friendly than dairy.


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